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Toshiba Tec Switzerland AG is a leading provider of print-, scan-, copy- and fax systems in A3 and A4, and projectors and barcode printers for the information and communication technology sectors, as well as office equipment.

We are competent partners for overall solutions in office communications and can support you in the constantly changing landscape of business needs and technologies. With our multifaceted and broad proposals, we can offer you the optimal foundations for business success.


As a diverse producer and provider of electronic and electrical products, we offer innovative solutions in a variety of areas: from information and communication systems, home electronics, electronic units and components, to power plant technology (including nuclear energy facilities) and infrastructure solutions for industry and the public, to household devices.


We make our products with pride and passion.
We always have our customers in mind.

Monozukuri is the day-to-day process for the prompt provision of products and services of reliable quality and functionality, alongside high user-friendliness, and to actively add value for our customers on the grounds of our superior technology and in cooperation with world-renowned partners.

We want to foster an open and healthy company culture in which a strong professional team can tirelessly seek out new challenges. To these ends, we respect the individuality of every employee, aim to encourage the skills of each individual, and to implement a fair and appropriate evaluation and remuneration system.

As a legally and morally clean member of the global economy, we endeavour to contribute to its development through the fulfilment of our responsibilities towards every country and community in which we are active, and to respect their cultures and histories.



Environmental protection is a particular concern for us in all business activities, and we aim to preserve the safety and health of humankind, as well as the earth's natural resources.

We try to maximise the value of our company and to achieve reasonable profits and reserves through exemplary and transparent management.

We constantly endeavour to implement management innovations and to invest in, among other things, research and development, in order to live up to our shareholders' expectations.


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The Toshiba success story began in Tokyo in 1875, with the production of electrical devices by what was then known as the Tanaka Engineering Works. Over the past 140 years, the Toshiba Corporation has, time and time again, achieved technological world-firsts and pioneering technical work, and successfully competed in the world market with the most varied products.

The product portfolio stretches from industrial plants, transport technologies, and power plants, to consumer goods, information and communication hardware, and even semiconductor components. The customers of Toshiba Tec Switzerland AG profit from the pioneering Toshiba spirit and from over one hundred years of experience in the high-tech sector. The name Toshiba stands for innovative, flexible and future-orientated business solutions for the optimisation of your document management.


What is Together Information?

Together Information represents Toshiba's vision of how people and organisations can develop, record, exchange, manage and present ideas and information. This is based on Toshiba's conviction that the most successful organisations are those that communicate information in the most efficient way.

Toshiba makes this possible via an integrated portfolio of industry-specific solutions, all of which reflect the company's commitment to the future of our planet.


This is how we can help you

Together with you and your organisation, we will develop a tailored, cost-efficient solution that fulfils your individual document and information management needs. Our ultimate goal in this process is to help you with cost reduction, increasing productivity, and quality assurance. Environmental solutions are also a focus here.


Industry-specific solutions
We work for countless industries across the world - from retail to education and provision of services, to hostelry, gastronomy, production and finance. Regardless of whether you are responsible for the printing requirements of a college or university, or for the document workflow and digital signage in a retail network, Toshiba can help you.

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