Circular Economy

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The idea of a circular economy is based on a very simple fact. We live on a planet with limited resources – which includes the ability of our environment to deal with pollution. If resources are limited and emissions need to be avoided, then growth cannot remain unlimited. The impending global warming and its consequences force all of us in industry, politics and society in general to act.

This is why Toshiba Tec offers solutions for the sustainable use of resources. 

Our products and services offer many opportunities and innovations towards the reuse of materials. The number of materials used is kept as low as possible, are recyclable and can be easily dismantled. Energy efficient product design, service that covers the entire life cycle of a product and the avoidance of packaging waste are what make up the circular 3R-Design: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

For more information on how to create a circular economy, access our free white paper.

Environmental Vision

As part of the Toshiba Group, aiming to become one of the world's foremost eco companies, we continue to ask how mankind should live in the future and what role we should play in society and for the Earth. As solutions for various environmental issues, including climate change, are called for, the Toshiba Group has developed the Environmental Vision 2050 – a corporate vision that envisages affluent lifestyles in harmony with the Earth as an ideal situation of mankind in 2050.

We endeavour to contribute to society with passion and determination, to create new value through revolutionary innovations and realise this vision.

Throughout the life cycle of products from manufacture and use to recycling and reuse, Toshiba Group strives to provide safer and more comfortable lifestyles and create enriched value for customers. The Group will also strive for harmony with the Earth by working to mitigate climate change, using resources efficiently, and managing chemicals properly in order to reduce environmental impact.

Committed to People. Committed to the Future.


The Toshiba Group has developed a T‑COMPASS, with which we can visualise the four areas of our contribution. This way we get a clearer picture of the environmental impact - not only of our products, but also other areas of our business such as supply chain or manufacturing.

Learn more about our T-Compass


The Toshiba Tec Group always conducts its business activities by bearing in mind its status as a corporate citizen of planet Earth. And as a corporate citizen of planet Earth we are willing to fulfil the role of an enterprise toward a better natural environment. 

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Toshiba is committed to help create a greener tomorrow. It therefore goes without saying that we comply with environmental rules and regulations which show the environmental-friendliness of our products.


Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme

At Toshiba we are committed to the environment and with the help of the carbon offsetting experts at CO2balance we have devised a scheme with which we can offset the carbon footprint of your Toshiba devices.

Visit our Carbon Zero site to learn more.

Carbon Zero Tree

Environmental datasheets

Here you will find the download area for our environmental datasheets.