Radio Frequency Identification

Overview without visual contact with RFID

Revolutionary changes in the logistics industry are optimizing the flow of goods.
As every single item can be identified and tracked with RFID, there is a huge improvement in accuracy in both picking and shipping. The time required for the storage and retrieval process is significantly reduced.


Time saving - accurate - economically attractive
RFID technology is used to control the flow of goods, localize goods and even the entire inventory. Maintaining an overview is often a difficult task which, thanks to RFID technology, no longer requires manual intervention. Automated booking saves an enormous amount of time and significantly minimizes errors. These advantages and savings ensure that the new technology pays for itself very quickly.

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A head start through technology
The ability to automatically monitor products from production to check-out provides valuable real-time information that has become absolutely essential in the highly competitive business of fast-moving consumer goods.

RFID labelling
In addition to labelling design software and hardware, Toshiba also offers a comprehensive range of RFID labels. These "smart labels" have a wafer-thin passive antenna that enables secure programming of the RFID chip. The large selection of antenna designs in combination with different chip types offers a comprehensive portfolio for every application.

The technology that knows no secrets

RFID ensures that goods fitted with a programmed tag (electronic label) can transmit data using radio signals. Visual contact - as with a barcode - is not necessary and mass detection is possible.
For example, it is sufficient to drive a pallet through an RFID gate to simultaneously detect and register all the products on it.

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Implement RFID technology with Toshiba
Combine our in-depth technical expertise, our tested consumables and Toshiba's intelligent printers, which programme the RFID chip in the label simultaneously during printing. The industrial printers of the B-EX4 and B-EX6 series are widely recognised as the most reliable on the market.

Head Up function - protects the chip and thus increases process reliability.
Offset Printing - programming and printing are time-optimised.
AGC Treshold - performance check to check the return energy or chip quality.
SPRINT™ technology - enables the processing of extremely small RFID labels with pitches of just 20 mm.
VOID labelling - defective labels are automatically visually labelled as defective.

Possible applications

Inventory accuracy
By having a precise insight into the inventory, you can avoid annoying bottlenecks and thus create greater customer satisfaction.

Less waste
With a better insight into stock levels, goods can be specially advertised before an expiry date, for example, or orders can be redistributed if goods are still available at other locations.

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Management & IT
1 RFID Middleware: Software programme for automatic recording

Logistics areas
2 Goods receiving, delivery
3 High-bay area: long and medium-term storage
4 Floor block storage: short-term storage
5 Order picking
6 Production/modification
7 Packaging
8 Dispatch area, outgoing goods
9 Returns

Supplier connection according to VDA 4994 and 4902

The RFID-supported supplier connection presents the industry with new challenges, but enables more comprehensive container management as well as clear and faster package identification. The RFID global transport labels are equipped with a transponder that is coded in accordance with VDA 4994. The print layout of the labels remains unchanged and can still be produced in accordance with VDA 4902.

The new supplier connection does not mean that you have to reorganise your entire logistics process. You can adapt your existing print data stream and thus avoid cost-intensive interface programming.
Two implementation principles are available to you for this:

  • One local converter box per RFID printer
  • Server-based software solution
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